“You’re dead to us now” is not a recruitment strategy…

The end of summer is upon us and keeping with a “back to school” theme, it’s a perfect time for companies to examine their “Alumni” recruiting strategies.

Some refer to it as a “Boomerang” recruiting. Some give their program a catchy name like “Come Back Kids”. It all has the same intent, to attract back good employees that left.

Of course if your position on former employees is “You’re dead to us now, we hope you fail!” well then this type of program might not be for you…


While this type of strategy might not work well in every industry, for high need/high turnover professions like Nursing, Truck Driving and Information Technology, if done right it could have a tremendous ROI.

Who are you targeting and why?

The goal is not to create a revolving door and if they had baggage when they left chances are good they are still carrying it! Remember that you’re looking for top performers that left in good standing.

A great reason to target Alumni is you already know them, and they know you; rehires should be able to hit the ground running as opposed to someone new to your organization.

These candidates have experienced what’s out there and their choice to come back should result in a higher retention rate this time around.

There is also a high likelihood that they acquired new skills and their increased industry knowledge will bring a different perspective and added value to your workforce.  Don’t overlook the fact that they now have a broader network that could translate to more referrals.

Once you get past the “who”, “why” and “why not”…

Social media can make the “how” much easier to administer and it’s a great way to keep Alumni up to date on improvements and investments you have made that might entice them to return.

In these high turnover high need positions you can’t always keep good employees from leaving, but what are you doing to let them know there is a way back?

Don’t know where to start? Bayard can help.