The Denver Office Does it Again!

Recently we completed a Facebook project for St. Joseph Medical Center (SJMC) in Towson, Maryland. We were challenged to make something really awesome (not that our work is ever anything but!). Luckily for us, Facebook had recently introduced the new Timeline format for company pages.  This provides us with much more “real estate” to develop a microsite within a Facebook page.  It also allows us to brand the page a lot more.

Click here to see what we came-up with!

There were, of course, some challenges with our project:

  • St. Joseph Medical Center wanted a social platform that they could utilize and leverage for several years.
  • SJMC has very strict corporate branding guidelines. We had to devise a way work within those constraints while still trying to develop something innovative and useful from a user experience perspective.
  • The client wanted to have all of the same information from their website on the Facebook page, but have it presented it in a more socially interactive way. They did not, however, want the Facebook page to look identical to their website.
  • Staff videos were buried in a YouTube channel, and SJMC wanted to utilize them in the Facebook page in an easy-to-access, interactive format.
  • SJMC wanted the ability for candidates to apply directly from the Facebook page.

And some of our solutions:

  • The page was built to be utilized as a social talent community – a place where candidates could gather and frequently be updated with career opportunities/information.
  • We decided to develop a wireframe and design scheme that matched other campaigns that Bayard had developed for SJMC.
  • In order to keep users and interaction within the Facebook page, we limited the number of outside clicks.  To do this, we essentially developed a microsite within two Facebook tabs, using as much content from their website as possible.
  • Employee videos from YouTube were embedded directly into the microsite using an interactive carousel format.
  • Taking advantage of the added real estate, we were able to embed SJMC’s Taleo ATS right into the microsite.

 The next steps we have in mind for SJMC?

  • To help build a pool of candidates for the talent community, advertise a career fair via Google and Facebook ads and build a Facebook tab highlighting the opportunities.  The tab would have a quick application form with a résumé upload database that recruiters could easily access.  Then send the ads directly to the tab.  Not only will you receive interested candidates, you will also end-up with a bigger fan base that can be frequently engaged via latest job openings, employer culture, industry insights, etc.

 Hats-off to Kyle J. Leigh (Digital Strategist), Shane Simmons (Creative Director) and Mike Albert (Web Developer) for making this happen!