The Candidate Experience

In today’s world of Glassdoor, Twitter and Facebook reporting on our organizations and the experiences candidates have with us, it has never been more important to insure the initial candidate interaction with us is a pleasant one.

Not only does it make for easier/faster recruiting and positive feelings about the company, but it also helps the money your organization is spending to advertise job openings and the time your team is investing in the process, provide the return it should.

Just for kicks, why not pretend to be a candidate?

Go to your company’s career site from your browser, not your internal link.  Navigate to the career/jobs/employment (take note on whether your company’s tab is labeled as it should be) tab and visit your organization’s career site.

  • What is your first impression?
  • Can you quickly find your area of expertise (or job family) in order to get a better understanding of a ‘day in the life’ in the organization in that particular role/position?
  • Are there video testimonials to help you self-select in or out?
  • If you wanted to “apply” right away, is there an “apply” button ‘call to action’ on each page of the career site?
  • Enter into your ATS and actually select a job/location; apply.
  • What happens?

Did you complete the process?  Hopefully you have a very user friendly experience; but perhaps you do not.  If you, someone who knows your site and how to navigate through it, didn’t, then how must a candidate that may have never been there before feel?

Be sure the experience candidates are having on your career site is a good one; otherwise you are wasting valuable resources – the time and effort of candidates (that might also be customers), the time and effort of recruiters searching through data for candidates that possibly should not be there and your recruitment budget dollars.

To learn more about best practice candidate experiences on career sites, please feel free to reach out to any of my colleagues at Bayard Advertising or me.  We’d love to chat about it.

Amanda Shewmake is a veteran in the recruitment communications industry and has been involved in many aspects talent acquisition communication efforts with a special interest in career sites and their critical role in providing the ROI required of her clients.  Her role at Bayard involves new business development.