Why You Need a Recruitment Advertising Agency

There are plenty of misconceptions about recruitment advertising agencies.

The first is that all recruitment advertising employees are supermodels. Now, don’t get me wrong, we are all exceptionally good looking, but don’t judge us for our pretty faces! There are plenty of brains here too.

Just kidding, but seriously, many people wonder what it is we even do. They wonder what recruitment advertising is, how it differs from regular old advertising, and why on earth they should hire us to advertise for them when their company rocks so much. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work for them?!

Well those questions are simple enough to answer. Traditionally, recruitment agencies were just used to place ad copy in newspapers, with none of the special graphics or plethora of colors we now use. The offices themselves were probably not nearly as fun either, though of course in those days you did receive cocaine when you had a toothache, so you never know.

Cocaine: it's not just for over-privileged college students anymore!

Modern recruitment advertising agencies have broadened their horizons from the more traditional offerings, moving on to include such services as:

  • Market, media, and competitor research
  • Web site development, hosting, and maintenance
  • Resume database and applicant tracking systems

With all these tricks up their sleeves, it’s clear to see the benefits that working with such marketing partners could offer your company. Basically, we do the dirty work to help you attract high-quality candidates to your company and lower your cost-per-hire.

No matter how great your company is, if you don’t have the advertisements to match the image you’re trying to send out, it’ll be difficult to attract the caliber of candidates you want.

So if you’re thinking of getting some fresh employees in the building, think about hiring a recruitment advertising agency. Bayard’s always around, and we could be just what you need!

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