Monumental Event!

Since Bayard’s founding in 1923, the company has had countless successful accomplishments and endeavors. Bayard’s rich history is filled with an abundance of top-notch employees, effective campaigns, and tight-knit relationships with its clients. One can’t help but to look back and marvel at the results Bayard has achieved over the years. It is not uncommon for one to find themselves thinking, “How is it even possible for Bayard to become even more amazing?” Well, we’re all in luck, because today Bayard Advertising Agency is proud to announce their most exciting news, since……….ever!!!

Drum role please. Without further adieu, Bayard would like to get this exciting news off their chest. We are excited to announce that we have a new intern working for us–SAM! Yes, yes, yes, we know, we are just as excited about this as you are. You will all be privileged to have the opportunity to read the blogs, Facebook posts, and Tweets that Sam will help post from now on. Just when you thought Bayard couldn’t get any better…BOOM, this exceptional news comes in. Sam is very excited to be working at Bayard, and can’t wait to share relevant news and info with you.

However, when we were blessed with the opportunity to speak with Sam, he couldn’t take all the credit. The modest man, who would undoubtedly never write a whole blog post praising himself, told us how Kate (the creator and voice of much of the social media that has been in place) would still be doing her regular updates and posts just as before, so we can still keep our high expectations that she has caused us to develop. However, after talking with one of Bayard’s distinguished employees, we have concluded that they hired Sam to teach Kate the ins and outs of social media. One employee reports that he even saw Sam teaching Kate the basics of social media today, but this is not officially confirmed yet.

Sam is very happy to be working at Bayard Advertising Agency, and can’t wait to provide you with the utmost important news and updates. Make sure to keep up with our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter. Have a great day!


Bayard Advertising Agency