How to Obtain a True “Work-Life” Balance

By: Sandy Schest

May 20, 2013

How to Obtain a True “Work-Life” Balance

Do you work to live or live to work?  Is it possible to achieve an equal work-life balance?   I thought so until I watched Dan Thurmon’s presentation at TED.  There were a couple main take-a-ways that I think can really help to improve your “work-life balance.”

It’s unrealistic to think that you can obtain a 50/50 work-life balance.  I stopped believing long ago that I was a champion multi-tasker.  I’ve learned that if I focus on the item at hand with my complete, undivided attention, I can accomplish a lot more…and make my work more efficient.  Having said that, I’ve also learned how to switch between numerous tasks at a moment’s notice and give those tasks my complete attention.  I’ve found this system, along with some organization, to really help in my professional and personal lives.  To do this, you need to focus your energy and become engaged in the “art of balance”.  You have to balance the aspects of your life according to what’s important to you.  If all aspects take top priority, then you probably need to re-prioritize.  According to Thurmon, there are 5 Spheres of Success (in no particular order) that you should focus on balancing….and I happen to agree!

  1. Work
  2. Relationships
  3. Health
  4. Spirituality
  5. Personal Interests

These “spheres” are always interacting together, creating an infinite pattern that helps you connect.  By learning to give a little here and there, you are able to grow, serve others (your clients, bosses, family), love and learn.  If you evaluate your focus and vision and concentrate on what you want, you allow yourself to move outside of your comfort zone to achieve these visions.  You need to learn to harness the power of your purpose and leverage it in your favor.  Launch into uncertainty with energy and drive, lean forward into changes and take them head on.  Overall, you will feel more organized and balanced.

Be unbalanced on purpose.  Being unbalanced is okay if that’s what you set out to do.  The goal is to be unbalanced on purpose, not in response to what’s going on in your life.  By beating yourself up on this “idea of balance,” you restrict your own opportunities.  Balance is all about the patterns in your life.  Transcend your current patterns if you want to grow; you have to be somewhat “off balance” if order to learn.  If you can keep grip on each pattern, you will learn how to thrive in an unbalanced environment and it will prove to be an effective method.

I challenge you to let go of the pursuit of a work-life balance.  Focus on each “Sphere of Success” with your full, undivided attention.  I encourage you to view the presentation first-hand.  It will definitely change your thoughts on the work-life balance

Off Balance on Purpose