Authenticity in Branding: Let’s play “Spot the stock photo”…

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If you’ve ever been to a career fair, campus recruitment event, or HR conference like the many I have attended in my 8+ years as a recruiter, you’ve probably played the game “Spot the stock photo”.  We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on banner displays, marketing collateral, and even matching polo’s for the HR team.  And yet…  Company A and Company B both have the same really good looking network engineer on their poster. (Apparently, he’s quite the job hopper!)

In the sea of online recruitment ads, candidates see image after image that influences their decision to hit submit on that application.  The real question is, does that image help or hurt your chances of being the applicant’s choice?

Corporate Culture has been, and will continue to be, a hot topic in the world of recruitment.  I’ll confess, I got tired of responding to every applicant, “Well, I would describe the culture here at XYZ industries as one that fosters innovation, has a strong feeling of employee appreciation, and a large focus on community involvement.” Sound familiar?

As tired as recruiters get of answering that question, the bigger question is how often do you lose the chance to even hear that question from the best candidates?

What if I told you that using photos of your actual employees, and even video of them saying those very same things, could make all the difference?

According to

  • “Job postings with video have 34% more candidate applications”
  • “Video appears in the top 100 search engine results 70% of the time.”
  • ‘“Job postings with a video icon are viewed 12% more than those without.”

What does this mean for you?

  • By adding engaging video content to your careers site, you will increase the number of completed applications and drive more traffic to your site.
  • More importantly and harder to quantify:
    • By telling a compelling and honest story, you have the advantage of engaging candidates who are drawn to your culture, and…
    • Disengage those who aren’t
    • Leading to an overall better quality of applicant and hire

Now lets take it one step further, lets say you’ve got video and it shows everyone from a warehouse worker to the CEO talking about why XYZ Industries is AWESOME! What happens when you watch the video on mute? Does it still capture the spirit, dynamic and feel of the environment?

Think of recruiting video as a chance to feelings behind the “about us” page on every career site.  By capturing the culture, excitement, and genuine emotion from your employees as they talk, you are allowing potential applicants to see YOUR story, what sets YOU apart. Using “the voice of the employee” in branding shows an honest depiction of what it’s like on the inside.

Through access to some real-life “Hollywood” talent, video done with real employees put in front of a Bayard lens, has capture the spirit and the culture of the companies represented. Our team has years of experience working in Reality TV including shows like: Nanny 911, The Jersey Shore, and others; by leveraging the Reality TV experience they are able to showcase real employees in a real way.

We invite you to join our panel of experts at this year’s LinkedIn Talent Connect to hear about Activating Authenticity in Talent Branding: Get Real—Enough with the ‘Faux-tography’.

Panel Members:

  • Jennifer Shappley, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition at Express Scripts
  • Matt Gilbert, National Creative Director at Bayard
  • Rodney Moses, Vice President, Global Recruitment at Hilton Worldwide,
  • Moderated by Jer Langhans, Manager, Global Talent Acquisition at Expedia.

When?  Wednesday, October 16th at 2:45PM; LinkedIn Talent Connect in Las Vegas

If you are not attending LinkedIn Talent Connect but would still like to find out how employer video can make an impact on your recruitment efforts please reach out to us or register to watch the event through the live stream:
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