6 Amazing Recruitment Ads

Here are some of my favorite recruitment ads. Just try to resist giving these companies a call after seeing their creativity.

Restaurant Binnen – Dishwasher

The objective at this restaurant was to fill a vacancy for a dishwasher. They came up with the idea of printed beer and wineglasses with red lipstick and a message reading: “Restaurant Binnen is looking for dishwashers.” It clearly worked well; the position was filled within a week!

British Intelligence

Government Agency GCHQ ran a six-week campaign on Xbox Live in order to recruit 18-34 year olds. It said that many of the criteria it looks for while recruiting, such as “quick thinking, problem solving and team work” are also reflected in game-play experiences on Xbox. I can’t see how this wouldn’t be hugely successful. Take boys playing games like Call of Duty or Modern Warfare and recruit them for jobs that they would not only be interested in, but also quite good at.

SAIT Polytechnic – Fundraising Positions

SAIT planted fake $20 bills at the 2008 Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education conference. The front of the bills looked normal, but on the back they read “Apparently, you have a knack for finding money. Interested in fundraising? Let’s chat.” with contact information located below. Though I can see people will likely quibble that not everyone who picks up money off the floor would be a good fundraiser, I love the idea, and I think they tie the fundraising in well with their tagline on the back of the bills.

BTH – Technical Students

BTH is a technology school in Sweden, and they don’t want average students. That’s why they sent potential students a package with disassembled cell phones. When the students fit the phones together and got them working again, they received a text message saying “Hi! You seem to be technical. Call us at BTH. 0455385040.”

Go Air – Pilots

This ad is for pilots for Go Air. Simple ad, great concept. Not much else to say!

Dallas Restaurant & Bar – Bartender

This may be my favorite ad of the whole bunch, despite the boring color scheme. I love the concept and how it was executed. I have a feeling that bartending at Dallas Restaurant would be a awesome job!

So all these ads are clearly both creative and attractive, but what makes them so great? If you look carefully, you’ll see they all have a few of the same attributes. Using these fundamental values in your recruitment ads will guarantee that you find employees who not only share your company’s core values, but also appreciate the creativity and hard work needed to be a strong employee.

  • Attractive Visual Design. Whether it’s bright colors or bold fonts, great recruitment ads will always be eye-catching. No matter how good the tagline or content is, if you can’t catch the attention of potential candidates, your ad will fall by the wayside. A good ad will be simple, but still make it clear what the ad is for, as well as project a positive image for the company.
  • Eye-Catching Headline. It’s great to have images that make people stop and look at your ads. But you need the headline to back them up. If someone looks at your ad for a few seconds and isn’t able to figure out what the ad is for, all interest will be lost. Take some time to come up either with something catchy, or something that only people in the industry you’re hiring for would understand (like the ad for pilots for GoAir, above.)
  • Relevant Information, but Concise. Not all recruitment ads have copy at all. And sometimes they don’t need any. An aura of mystery can work wonders for drumming up interest in a job. Especially if candidates need to complete a task simply to apply for the job (such as figure out an equation for the phone number.) But in most cases, details are your friend, and you’ll want to list basic information such as job details, benefits, and maybe even a short description of your company. And of course, always make sure to stress the positive aspects of working for your company.

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