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Carey Erwin – Graphic Designer


Intern Interview – by Rachael Bloch

Carey went to St. Louis for college and moved to Denver when she graduated. Even though she grew up in Dallas, she absolutely loves Denver. In St. Louis she majored in Fine Arts for 3 years before switching to Graphic Design. Initially she wanted to go into Architecture, but changed her mind when she started in Graphic Design.  Soccer is one of her biggest hobbies, and is the reason she went to school in St. Louis. Not only does she play soccer, but she likes to play volleyball and snowmobile as well. Can you see why she wants to stay in Denver? Hardrock, electronica, and trance are her favorite types of music and going to concerts is another big hobby of hers. She has been  watching a lot of Nip/Tuck lately, and loves 24. It’s apparently a very intense show. A fun fact about Carey is that she has a dent in her leg from snowmobiling. Well, I guess it’s more of an interesting fact, because I doubt that was fun. The most exciting thing is that Carey is engaged and getting married in August! They are getting married in a meadow somewhere in Colorado. That sounds incredibly romantic to me! Carey is fairly new to our office, yet she fits in with our creative team perfectly. We are so excited to have her in our office.