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Bieber Fever in Denver

I made a bold decision last night. I braved not only the cold, but also thousands of screaming, purple-wearing tween girls, in order to enter the Pepsi Center to see none other than Justin Bieber and do some “advertising research.” The Biebs and I only go back 3 years when I stumbled upon his “Somebody to Love” music video online. I instantly became enthralled with his George Harrisonesque hair-do, angelic voice and impressive dance moves. The kid had talent and I was about to succumb to what is known as Bieber Fever.

It might seem a little ridiculous that a 27-year old woman like myself legitimately enjoys listening to Justin Bieber, but I can’t help it. In past months I have wondered what would happen to the Biebs when he entered manhood. His innocent voice would deepen and either ruin his career or evolve into something he can work with. If he really has talent he should be able to overcome puberty right?

The Biebs is currently on his Believe tour, which I was fortunate to experience from front row, club level seats. The album Believe released its first single “Boyfriend” on March 26th, 2012 letting fans around the world hear what the Biebs’ transition into manhood sounded like. I personally wasn’t a fan of the single, which was co-written by Biebs and Mike Posner. I felt that it was an easy song to mask his changing voice, but fans disagreed making the song number two on Billboard’s Top 100. Was this a result of finding a successful song for his new more mature voice, or because he had already established himself in the music industry? I was anxious to hear what else the Biebs had come up with for his third album. He had already made the decision to change his hair, no longer having the Bieber bangs I once fell in love with. He caved in style by combining house music with R&B in his next single “All Around the World.” Eventually he hit a soft spot for me personally with “Die in Your Arms” by sampling Michael Jackson’s “We’ve Got a Good Thing Going.”

Is musical talent relevant once you have established celebrity? The Biebs currently has over 30 million followers on his Twitter account @justinbieber. The size of his audience and influence he holds on Twitter is a pivotal reason for advertisers to pay attention to Twitter. With just one tweet the Biebs can reach a large chunk of a valuable market. For example when the 2011 Egyptian Revolution was going on, the Biebs tweeted to his then 8 million followers discussing the topic. He managed to influence discussion among youth that may not have been informed of the situation otherwise.

The market for Justin Bieber is not only incredibly large, but vast. Suffice it to say, I was still intrigued with him so when the opportunity came to attend his Denver concert on January 7th. 2013, I most certainly did . I went with a group of friends all in our late twenties and all still influenced by the Biebs. We were instantly divided by the copious amounts of girls running and screaming. Parents lagged as their young went crazy in a fashion similar to Lord of the Flies. Kids ruled the Pepsi Center and parents had no control over what was to come next.

I took a good hard look around once I was seated and noticed that the audience was uninterested in the concert opener Carly Rae Jepsen. Girls were fidgeting with their homemade signs declaring their love for the Biebs, parents were busy texting and security was for the most part in control… at that point. Then the audience screamed, which caused me to scream, when the timer appeared on the big screen marking a ten minute countdown. People were in a frantic. It was as if everyone was late to catch a flight. What felt like the longest ten minutes of the year ended with Justin Bieber himself being flown out by tacky angel wings only to descent on stage and immediately bust into song and dance with “All Around the World.”

The concert primarily played new songs and only sampled small portions of his old ones that shot him to fame. I failed to see him in concert when he was a true value to society as a singer, but that still doesn’t mean he isn’t influential. There was an interlude video emphasizing the change that the Biebs is going through and how he has to adapt his voice to new songs as part of creating an adult identity. I understood that as an attempt to re-market him as the man Justin Bieber. He finished the concert strong with a two-song encore featuring “Baby” and “Boyfriend,” while breaking young hearts around the audience sending them home for their 10pm curfew.

Justin Bieber knows how to entertain a crowd, whether it’s singing a cappella, playing his own instruments such as drums and guitar, caressing the face of the “One Less Lonely Girl,” or referencing what a toll the altitude is taking on his performance, he is a performer. He holds a role in our society that influences millions of people and remains a valuable channel of communication for marketers. Although he has managed to train his new voice to sing and maintain pitch, one question remains: Will he be able to keep a presence in the music industry and continue to remain marketable or will he struggle to find a musical identity as an adult?

2013 Resolutions, Priorities and Goals

2012 is gone and done with. The last few months were so busy that I literally forgot to make some resolutions for 2013. Besides the standard resolutions of eating better and actually working out, there are more important, goal-oriented resolutions to focus on.

Obviously I have poor time management skills if I have forgotten to make resolutions. According to a article, Benjamin Franklin came up with an approach to change personal habits that allow for proper time management. Primarily focused with changing character traits, Franklin suggested that people should be as honest with themselves as they can about what they want and why they want it. This is the foundation for how you will factor goals into your day. Franklin pointed out something that I think a lot of people tend to ignore: Listening to your own body. It’s important to pay attention to your body such as energy levels, both mental and physical, and understand what affects them positively and negatively. The better you feel then the more likely you won’t let little things stress you out during the day. When focusing on daily goals set fewer priorities. Focus on two things that are important to you that day and focus your energy on accomplishing them to your standards. Whether your priorities are work related or personal, you can achieve them with the right mindset. It’s important to focus on the task in front of you opposed to the overall bigger picture.

My goals for 2013 revolve around time management, fitness, and starting a professional career. As a graduate student who works and has an internship, I find it hard to find time for myself and I have lost track of a lot of my priorities such as running and cooking healthy meals. Those are both things I enjoy that relax me, but my schedule has made it difficult to do them both. By practicing better time management skills I can accomplish my fitness goals as well as organize my life a little better. The end of graduate school is looming, which means I will have another life-style change to adjust to. I have to prepare myself for the reality that a job might not be there when I graduate and that I might have to experience the stress of unemployment. If things go the way I would like them, then I will finish 2013 with a career underway. Given the opportunity for a career calls for a whole new set of goals revolving around professionalism. For me personally I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I just have to work hard to get there and feel accomplished.

There are many ways you can incorporate social media into securing that you accomplish your resolutions. Create a Tumblr account and blog about your goals. If it’s fitness, talk about fitness. If it’s about your job, use it as a tool to track your successes and recognize your failures. You can also tweet your accomplishments. Acknowledge that you achieved something and share it with your followers. If they do the same, it can be used as a motivational tool. If you are an active Facebook user, take advantage of the timeline. I know many of us are still dissatisfied with the Facebook layout, but it’s a useful tool to gage how you spend your time and whether or not you are actually working on achieving your goals and to remind yourself of the positive things that you just had to post. You might even realize that you express a lot of negativity and realize that you need to make some changes.

So start 2013 off right. By using social media and taking the time to focus on what you really want to accomplish, 2013 can be a great year. A few months in you can look over everything you’ve tracked and give yourself a pat on the back for your progress. Sometimes its hard to really see that you are changing and succeeding and through social media you have it all right in front of you.