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Ads For America

It’s that time a year again.  Barbecue’s are about to start grilling, fireworks are about to start painting the night skies, families are about to  head to their local ballpark to watch a game or park for a nice picnic, and parades and political speeches galore will be seen on your television.  Yes, it’s The Fourth of July, the USA’s independence day.  It’s a wonderful time to relax in the beautiful summer weather, and reflect and appreciate the opportunities and freedoms we are privileged to have here in the great nation of the United States of America.

However you plan to spend your Fourth of July, here at Bayard, we wanted to provide you with a variety of amusing advertisements that “Really Love America” provided by  Hope you enjoy them, and remember to have a wonderful holiday!

Dodge Challenger, “Freedom”

Here’s a clever take on a battle during the Revolutionary War.  I’m not sure how historically accurate it is though…… I thought George Washington rode a horse!

“Chevrolet, “Our Country”

This 2006 advertisement has a nice montage of many historical events and beautiful sites of America while John Mellencamp sings “Our Country” in the background.  Chevy does a nice job here portraying that Chevy is “part of American culture.”  See what events and sites you recognize in the commercial.

Brand USA, “Land of Dreams”

This past April, the USA launched this video to help promote oversees tourists to come see the beauties of our country.  It does a great job of showing the vast variety of landscapes that our massive country holds.

Anheuser-Busch, “Heroes Salute”

This 2005 ad was shown during the Super Bowl that year, and gave thanks to the troops that have continuously fought for our freedoms.

American Airlines, “Putting Them First”

Here’s another ad that thanks our troops launched in 2010 by American Airlines.  It is a powerful commercial that parallels how the airline puts the troops first, just like they put their country first.