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Social Recruiting Webinar

Join us in a webinar on March 6th, 1-2pm EST to learn how to turn the largest social network into an invaluable talent pool.

Chris Merritt, GM of Enterprise at BranchOut, and our very own Eric Holwell, Director of Interactive Strategy at Bayard Advertising will discuss why more companies are embracing social recruiting and how that gives them a competitive edge. You will learn how to:

  • Develop a social recruiting strategy
  • Increase your visibility
  • Learn how to source and connect with qualified candidates on Facebook
  • Use Facebook to recruit higher quality candidates more efficiently

If you’re interested in learning how they use social networks to recruit top talent, and want to know how to turn Facebook into your most valuable talent pool, please register here.

If you want to learn more about the event, download a flyer here.

Creative and funny recruitment ads to brighten up your Friday

Bayard’s Services and Products

Bayard Advertising works hard to provide our customers with every tool they need to make their recruitment efforts both simple and successful. With that being said, below is a list of the majority of services and products we offer.

Don’t see something you need on the list? Contact us. In all likelihood, we do offer it, or if we don’t, we’d be happy to work with you to figure out a solution.

Digital Offerings/Media Buys

Online digital media can be confusing, and we aim to keep it as simple as possible for you. We offer Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn PPC ads, job board postings, eBlasts, and mobile marketing to capture the attention of qualified prospective employees to your company. And we can’t forget the most important part: monitoring the results of your digital ads. This enables us to tweak them if we need to so you can get the results you are paying for.

Major Websites/Microsites/Mobile Sites

In our world, the website for a company is too often the face that it is judged by. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with a website you can be proud of. From creating a brand, to simply working on the brand you want to promote, with the services we offer it’s difficult to go wrong. We can start a website for your company if you don’t currently have one, or simply go for a complete overhaul of one that currently exists. From creative to copy, put your website in our hands, and see it bloom.

Talent Communities

Recruitment advertising is what we’re best at. So let us use all the tools at our disposal to find highly qualified and motivated candidates for your company. We utilize the results from Avature Talent Customer Relationship Management Software and custom social media pages to attract, organize, and engage critical talent for you, when you need it most. Along with virtual career fairs and interactive videos with their own YouTube channel, we aim to reduce hiring times and make recruiting as simple as possible for you.

Traditional Offerings/Media Buys

Maybe digital media isn’t exactly what you need for your company. Luckily, we offer a whole range of more traditional media offerings, from direct mail to print ads to open house events. These can help you broaden your search for new employees in a tangible way, and open your search to markets that couldn’t be reached with digital media. When you work with Bayard Advertising, you also have access to Worklight, a division of Bayard that provides human capital solutions such as resume screening, telephone interviews, and targeted candidate delivery. In this way, we help you maximize your recruitment efforts, while reducing the money you spend doing it.

Audio/Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth 10,000. That’s why we offer customized YouTube videos and cinema spots. These can take your recruitment campaign to a whole other level, adding a more personal face to your company, as well as adding the dimension of video. Is video not your thing? No need to worry, we also produce radio advertisements. Our audio and video offerings are the highest possible quality, and have proven hugely effective in the past.

10 Advantages of Online Advertising

With almost 2.3 billion people using the Internet around the world, no one can deny the necessity of online advertising anymore.

Print ads are useful in their own right, but in order to capture all markets, and specifically the younger generation, you need to have online advertising in your mix as well. With that being said, online advertising has many advantages. We’ve detailed 10 of them below:

1. More Information

With print advertisements, there is generally a limit on the words you can have. In online ads, if you can’t fit all the information you want to include on the ad itself, you can always include a link to a website that explains whatever it is you’re trying to market in more detail. This is also useful for people who are interested in your ads, because in the past, they would’ve had to search for more information on your products or services. With online advertising, more information is just a click away.

2. Target a Specific Audience

If you’ve ever used Facebook ads, you know how helpful this is. You can choose to market your ads to people living in a certain area or of a certain age range. Facebook also allows you to market to people who have certain terms listed in their profiles, from their interests and activities, to job, education, or even groups they belong to. This can be incredibly useful, as Facebook gives you an estimate of the reach your ad would have when marketed to your specific audience.






3. Trackable

With offline advertising, you can never be sure who sees your ads, or uses your services because of them. On the Internet, it’s astonishingly easy to track who sees and responds to your advertisements.

4. Wider Reach

If you aren’t interested in a specific audience, but rather want your ads to reach as far as they can, online advertising is certainly your friend. With a few clicks, you can have ads reaching across the globe. A less selective audience may help you achieve better results with your online advertising campaign.

5. Speed

As opposed to offline advertising, which could take days or even weeks to be designed, approved, and posted, online ads are very quick to post. You could have an ad up within an hour, if that’s what you want.

6. Easy Maintenance

It’s very simple to maintain online ads. You can take them down and put up new ads, or simply tweak them a bit. Either way, they are infinitely more malleable than more traditional ads.

7. Cheap(er)

With some types of online ads, you don’t have to pay unless people actually click on your ads. So if your campaign is not hugely successful, you don’t have to pay much. This price flexibility means you can have a much wider range for your online ad campaigns.

8. Better ROI

This is fairly self-explanatory, but since online advertising is primarily performance-based, so your ROI is essentially bound to be better than it would have been had you done offline advertising.

9. Interactive

One thing that has made online advertising so successful is because it allows customers and advertisers to directly communicate. This creates communication between the two parties that could never have occurred before. Being in such close contact with your customers allows you to hear comments, praise, and criticism, which is not only valuable for the information you glean from it, but also because your customers will be content that their feedback is being heard.

10. Better Image for Your Company

Ads generate publicity. And we all know that any publicity is good publicity. Online advertising will not only cause your company name to be better known, but can also generate a better face for you. If you’re trying to rebrand your company, online advertising can go a long way towards getting that brand out into the public consciousness.


The Real Deal: the value of using actual employees in your recruitment ads

In recruitment advertising, the impression a company gives off means everything.

It’s simple enough: if the face of your company isn’t attractive to prospective employees, they won’t apply. One way to give your company a more personal face is to use actual employees in your ads, as opposed to stock photos. Why is that? Well….

#1. Nobody believes those are your real workers anyway.

Recently I was perusing the late-night television offerings, and the pickings were remarkably slim. I stopped for a couple minutes on an infomercial for exercise equipment. The model who was teaching viewers how to use the equipment was so muscular that he was slightly grotesque. And all that muscle was just from using his machine for just 5 minutes a day, 3 times a week! It was miraculous, he had someone even grown more hair in the 4 weeks since he began using this exercise tool. If I was interested, I could look like that too! With just 3 simple payments of $99.99, of course… The point of this is, infomercials are absurd. This is partially because it’s painfully obvious that the models aren’t really using the product to get that muscular. Many things went into that man’s body, including a healthy diet and lots of water, and you can bet he didn’t work out for just 5 minutes a day.

This translates over to your recruitment ads. Why use models or stock photos when it’s clear to everyone that those aren’t your real employees? You don’t want people to think you’re just a bunch of pretty faces, because your company is fuelled by the energy of many dedicated, hardworking employees, and you should be able to showcase the talent you have.

#2. Using real employee pictures fosters trust in your company

Below is an image featuring a McDonalds hamburger as it looks in an ad, and how it actually looked when bought in a store:

That’s blatant false advertising. You trust the company less for showing you an image in its ads that is clearly not real. That’s the feeling that people get when they see recruitment ads with stock photos. Studies have actually shown that using actual employee photos fosters greater trust in your company, as well as a greater attraction toward it.

#3. People like people who look like them

Linda Roberts, a professor of human development and family studies at UW-Madison, says that people are usually attracted to others who are of a similar age, social class, and ethnicity. Why not make it even easier for potential employees to like your company? If you feature images of the employees who work best in your company, you can be sure that you will attract others with similar backgrounds, and therefore a similar passion for working at your company.

#4. Your company will have a more personal touch in their campaigns

Using employees in recruitment ads can have three possible benefits for you:

  • It gives a personal face to your company
  • It makes it clear to prospective employees that empowering your workers is important to you
  • Shows your employees that they are valued, appreciated and an asset that you want to show off

Most people are going to see ads placed by your company before they even start thinking about applying there. By the time they apply, they will have obtained a message about your company that will be difficult to change. What message are they getting from you?

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